Ski the Northeast's

Discord Server



Section 1: General Rules (DON'Ts)
[1.1] Don't be a dick. There are other places on the net for that. (See Section 5)
[1.2] Don't disclose the private information or real name of another user without express permission from them.
[1.3] Don't post your street address or phone number on the server. That's what DMs are for!
[1.4] Keep this server SFW. (See Section 5)
[1.5] All account names must begin with a character present on the keyboard. This is so that it easy to @mention people. If your Discord account does not comply, you can change your server nickname instead.

Section 2: Server Information

[2.1] The server President is Pretzel4. If a mention or DM is not answered, the SNE contact information is at the bottom of this page.

[2.2] The Administrator is the primary moderator. However, there are other moderators, those with the Manager role. Do not ask to be made a Manager. More will be added as necessary.
[2.3] If you work at a resort within the server's boundaries, an emoji will be created for your employing resort. (2/50 used) Notify the President via mention.
[2.4] If there are three or more members that are employees at the same resort, a they will be given a role with the resort name and a private text channel will be created for that role.


Section 3: Announcement formatting
[3.1] News posts should be prefixed with the syntax "***[NEWS]***" (not including quotes). This should appear as [NEWS] once the post is completed.
[3.2] Job posts should be prefixed with the syntax "***[INDUSTRY JOBS]***". This should appear as [INDUSTRY JOBS] once the post is completed.

Section 4: Promotion
[4.1] If you know someone who is interested in joining, you may give them a join link.

[4.2] You may promote this server on the web (e.g. Facebook). If you want to advertise the server on a public site (e.g. Disboard), ask the Administrator for permission first.
[4.3] Do not promote other Discord servers here without permission from the President.

Section 5: NSFW Content and Bans
[5.1] Exclusions: General profanity is allowed.
[5.2] Violent content (e.g. gore) earns 1 warning, then a ban.
[5.3] Persistent harassment of another user earns 1 warning, then a ban.
[5.3] Sexual content (e.g. nudity) earns an instaban.

Revised 21 Jun 2019 by Pretzel4 (Updated language to reflect change in role system, and removed Section 3.3, updated Section 5 to define what is SFW.)

User Role & Rank System:

There are 12 Rank Roles on the SNE Discord Server.
Green: New users start out with this role.

Blue: Awarded after 300xp.
Black: Awarded after 700xp
Double Black: Awarded after 1200xp.

Triple Black: Awarded after 1700xp.
Apprentice: Awarded after 2500xp.
Junior Instructor: Awarded after 3500xp.
Senior Instructor: Awarded after 5000xp.
Supervisor: Awarded after 9999xp.
Candidate for Manager: Awarded after 99999xp. As the name implies, members who gain this rank are eligible for Manager, to be selected at the discretion of the President.
Manager: Not awarded automatically. The Managers are the moderators.
President: The administrator of the server and community, Pretzel4.